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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Web Reference AddIn - Alpha 3

I have released Alpha 3 of the Web Reference AddIn for MonoDevelop. Please review and any
feedback is always welcome, especially constructive feedback.

This version include the following changes:
  • Removed the Delete All menu option on the Web Reference folder
  • Changed the version number.
  • Added support for generating the code in VB.NET.
  • Added a method to the Library that checks if the project contains any web references.
  • Optimized the WebReferenceItemCollection construct method by only looping through the project files collection once instead of previously seeking for the specific map file after it found the reference file. This will also sort the problem with VB reference files not being loaded.
  • Check that the project options for the Runtime Version is set to "2.0", if it is set to "1.1" ask the user whether or not to switch to "2.0" automatically. The project build will fail if the Runtime is set to 1.1. Do not add the web reference if the user chooses to keep the runtime version 1.1.
  • Added functionality to add a ProjectReference for System.Web.Services to the project if it does not currently contain a reference. This is required to successfully compile the project.
  • Check if the project contains any web references before it adds the WebReferenceFolder
  • Add a check not to hide the web reference folder if the project options is set to show all
  • Changed the WebReferenceFolderNodeBuilder HasChildNodes method to use the new method to check if a project contains any web references rather than parsing and loading the collection of all web references in a project.
  • Changed the WebReferenceFolderNodeBuilder BuildChildNodes to parse the project when the method is called.
Here is some features/bugs that still needs to be added/fixed before the
AddIn is ready for a Beta release.

  • Add SSL support for the Browser control in the Add Web ReferenceDialog.
  • Refresh the "Web References" node when a web reference has been deleted.
  • Basic Authentication support (DiscoveryNetworkCredential)

Future Releases
  • Allow Web Reference items to be renamed once it has been generated
  • Add copy, cut and paste functionality (clipboard) to copy/move web references to any other project.
  • Add the functionality to render custom html when a wsdl or disco file is viewed in the browser. The intial work for this is already done but need to fix the bug, that does not render the data to the browser control.
  • Add a TreeView Widget on the add dialog to display the available services for the current uri.


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