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Friday, August 11, 2006

MD Web Reference AddIn

As of late I have been working on creating some AddIns for MonoDevelop. I start of porting the Resource Editor from SharpDevelop to MonoDevelop, as entry point to get to know my way around in the MD API. I decided to focus my attention on the Web Reference, seeing as this is a functionality that will be used by more users and is a higher priority. I am glad to annouce that today I have released the Alpha version of the Web Reference AddIn. The alpha version supports the functionality to add, delete and update web references to any dot net project.

Here is a list of things that still needs to be done, before the AddIn is ready for a beta release
  • Add SSL support for the Browser control in the Add Web Reference Dialog.
  • Refresh the "Web References" node when a web reference has been deleted.
  • Add a ProjectReference for System.Web.Services to the project if it does not currently contain a reference. This is required to successfully compile the project.
  • Check that the project options for the Runtime Version is set to "2.0", if it is set to "1.1" ask the user whether or not to switch to "2.0" automatically. The project build will fail if the Runtime is set to 1.1. Do not add the web reference if the user chooses to keep the runtime version 1.1.
  • Allow Web Reference items to be renamed once it has been generated
  • Add copy, cut and paste functionality (clipboard) to copy/move web references to any other project.


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