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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Too much of a good thing could be a bad thing

Where open source give you a freedom of choice and that is great I do believe that too many options could be a bad thing. If have seen this numerous times where sometimes when a developers find a tool that does not do what they want it to do, they would go off and right their own version, instead of enhancing the original tool in the first place. Sometimes this has to do with the fact that the learning curve of making chances to the original source is higher than it would be to develop it from scratch.

But this action leads to instead of having one product that works with less bugs and issues and more features, you end up with the 2 projects with less features and more bugs. Prime example if this would be the package management tools.
This is one complaint I have heard numerous times, "... but in Microsoft Windows you only have to do this and this and it works, why do have to do this that and this if you want this or if you want that then you need to do that this that that and this in Linux". In the end it just confuses the hell out of the end users and he ends up not using the system at all, no matter how beautiful it is technically. The reason why Microsoft just works (these days)
  • They have unified development team
  • One goal
  • They have one product (be it a Word Editor, Media Player or IDE) but all of these products are feature rich and way less buggy than any open source product I have every used.
Could you imagine uniting all the open source developers around the globe to work on one operating system (kernel), one desktop environment, one office suite, one mail client, one browser, one database server, one VPN client, one package management, one config tool, one IDE, one etc. You would truly have a force that is able to overthrow the market as we know it today.

Where some people might see the number of different Linux distributions as the success of Linux, I see it has its major downfall.
I am not saying lets remove competition or choice but I think the open source market needs to have a global focus instead of branching at every change it gets.
Just a thought!

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